EducationUSA Fair 2014-A Huge Success


More than 1,800 people became part of the EducationUSA Fair 2014 organized by the EducationUSA Advising Center on October 6, 2014.

EducationUSA Fair 2014 welcomed representatives from 7 US leading Universities from different geographical areas. The aim of the fair was to promote U.S. higher education and provide with first- hand information directly from the representatives about admission requirements, student life in the USA, and the overall benefits of getting a degree abroad. During the fair, representatives met with attendees and provided them with sufficient information on necessary documents, examination as well as talked about the peculiarities and advantages of the Universities.

Many of the attendees were pointing out the importance of participating in the Fair and getting the useful information needed to continue their studies. Many of them highlighted the importance of studying in the USA as after it more opportunities are opened to them in Armenia.  Some were stating that there is a need to deepen the received knowledge by continuing the education in the USA as there the education is conducted by new methods and in technologically equipped classes combining the theory and the practice.

Statistics showed that the students were primarily interested in degree programs (Bachelor and Master). The most desired fields among the presented ones were Economics, Business Management and Marketing, Advertising, PR.

Prior to fair, as a part of EducationUSA Fair day, EducationUSA workshop was organized for youth workers, language teachers, counselors, American Corner coordinators, student advisers to provide them with information about the general overview of U.S. Education, undergraduate and graduate admission and recruitment processes, as well as the role of personal statements and test scores.  Representatives from New York and Concord Universities presented the information and answered the questions raised by the participants.

The successful start of FLEX



We are happy to announce that the FLEX recruitment Round 1 and Round 2 exams are successfully over. American Councils recruiting team visited 10 regions throughout Armenia, more than 30 cities, towns and villages. About 850 students participated in the exams.


Students who heard about the program from their teacher, school directors, posters, presentation, FLEX alumni, gathered all together to take the FLEX exams. They studied in various schools and grades, they came from various cities, even drove for 2 hours, they had different interests and hobbies, but they all had one aim and one dream-to become the finalist of this great program. A program, which during 22 years of its existence, gave an opportunity to more than 900 students from Armenia to study in US high schools, to become a member of a US host family, as well as to become young ambassadors to introduce the history, culture and traditions of Armenia to US citizens. The program gave its participants opportunities-opportunities to learn, to prosper, and to work with others to solve shared problems and ensure a secure future. The program created leaders who instinctively appreciate the value of international collaboration, understanding and empathy.


During the recruitment, we were happy to see the FLEX alumni who were joining us to assist during the recruitment in their cities. They were so eager to share their experience, to tell the students about how FLEX changed their lives, and contributed to the growth of a global citizen. They remembered themselves, sitting on the same desks during the exam, and remembered how worried and excited they were, remembered how they were dreaming of becoming a finalist. They were also telling the students about how integration into another family as well as the development of life-long friendships fostered an appreciation of home and family. We are grateful to every single alumni for their great work!


Our huge alumni network is a true example of how studying abroad can open ways of divergent thinking and open mindedness.


And when they are back, they all state that the tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encouraged them to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals.


Throughout the year, American Councils FLEX team was intensely collaborating with various NGOs, Organizations dealing with disabled children, to encourage them to apply for the Program, and due to this hard work, we had 7 students with disabilities taking part in Round 1 exam. On the day of the exam the students were strongly surprised and happy to meet  US Ambassador John Heffern, who came to welcome them before the exam stars. The students and the AC team conveyed their sincere thanks to the Ambassador for his warm wishes and kind words.


This year was a very special year for FLEX for another reason, since we had a generation change! Son of the very first year-1993-94 alumni participated in the Round 1 exams.



We wish all the students who took part in the first and second rounds of the FLEX exams good luck and wish them to feel the pride of becoming a FLEX finalist! To achieve great things in your life you shouldn’t only dream or plan but also try to get it . We hope that success will come to all those ways who tried.


Vacancy Announcement at American Councils Yerevan Office


American Councils Yerevan office announces a vacancy for Administrative and Logistics Assistant’s position. For the details, please click here (Administrative and Logistics Assistant).

Competition for Spring 2015 Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is Announced


American Councils is pleased to announce the open competition for the Spring 2015 Professional Fellows Program (PFP), a short-term professional development exchange in the United States. The 2015 on-line application for Armenia is open now. Eligible candidates must submit the online application by December 1, 2014. For more information click here.

PFP Alumnus Starts a Joint Project with His US Host Organization


2014 spring PFP alumnus Gegham Gevorgyan is hosting his US supervisor Joe Ayala, Principal Deputy Legislative Counsel from State of California Office of Legislative Counsel in Sacramento, California to implement a joint project called “Creating Business Guides”. The goal of the project is to prepare a sample business guide on all processes of the service provided by the state. The draft guideline will be presented to the government agencies, private sector and public of Armenia. Final versions will be distributed in hard and soft copies through various networks. US-Armenia PFP team has already had a chance to meet with Armenia and US Embassy officials.