JFDP Alumna Enterpreneur


After participation in the Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) in 2008 Armenuhi Khachatryan who then was lecturing “Food Organization in Tourism” at European Regional Academy has transitioned from theory teaching to practical teaching and in 2011 she was recognized by the Prime-minister of Armenia as a best woman investor of the year. Her accomplishments as an entrepreneur and manager are evident through her successes in operating the ”BlizzardCatering” Services for several years already. Armenuhi’s entrepreneurial mind and character pushed her further in her achievements and development of new business projects. She started negotiations and implementation of franchising projects with the famous brands such as MEXX and later Motivi. Her most recent initiative to open Lavazza Espression Coffee Shops in Yerevan is another accomplishment in her growing career success. The chain of Lavazza Espression Coffee Shops and Blizzard catering Services are one of the leaders in Armenian market.  Armenuhi is a Director and Managing partner at both companies.

Competition for Spring 2015 Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is Announced


American Councils is pleased to announce the open competition for the Spring 2015 Professional Fellows Program (PFP), a short-term professional development exchange in the United States. The 2015 on-line application for Armenia is open now. Eligible candidates must submit the online application by December 1, 2014. For more information click here.


Celebration of the World Food Day


FLEX Alumni of Armenia celebrated the World Food Day in October. They prepared several events in the scopes of the mentioned day.

First Event was a challenge for alumni to live spending $1.25 or AMD500 per day on food. That is the average daily income for one billion people in the world. This idea originated in California two years ago when four students decided to go to rural Guatemala for 56 days to try living on exactly $56 each. “You do not feel how hard it is to live a day spending only AMD500 until you actually do it, and that is how much one billion people gain in the world” Said Shushan, one of the participants of the challenge.

The second initiative alumni conducted was a food drive for homeless. Various types of food were donated, such as macaroni, rice and lentil. Alumni donated themselves and also encouraged their friends and relatives to participate in the event. Other than donating food many participants brought clothes and shoes for donating as well. According to the participants “Everybody should express social responsibility in any way, doesn’t matter if it’s by donating food or helping an old woman cross the street”.

The food collected was donated to the “Hans Christian Cofoed” shelter for homeless. FLEX alumni visited the shelter and cooked a meal for the people in there using the food they had gathered during the food drive. Approximately one hundred people were able to have lunch prepared and served by FLEX alumni. The clothes gathered were also donated to “Hans Christian Cofoed” charitable foundation for giving to homeless.