FLEX alumni received “Luys” Scholarships.


Each year “Luys” Foundation provides scholarship for the brightest Armenian students, who are enrolled in the top 10 universities in the world. We are proud to state that FLEX alumni Sos Avetisyan and Diana Muradova are among the mentioned students.

Diana is going to start her Master’s program at the Stanford University. Her major is International Comparative Education. Diana’s main goal is to use the international experience in this sphere to make respective changes in Armenia.

Sos is going to start his Master’s Studies at the Oxford University. His specialization is Russian and Eastern European Studies. Previously he finished another Master’s program on Human Rights and Democratization.

After their study programs Diana and Sos will become members of the big “Luys” alumni network, who work on different projects aiming to solve various issues in Armenia.


TOEFL® iBT Courses Available now in the Regions of Armenia




EducationUSA Armenia in the frameworks of the Student Ambassador Program launches TOEFL® iBT preparatory courses in the regions of Armenia.


If you are from Gyumri and you want to participate in these sessions, than e-mail the Student Ambassador (SA) in Shirak, Hasmik Tonapetyan (hasmik.tonapetyan@gmail.com).


The students in Armavir can also contact the regional SA Arman Azizyan in order to receive details regarding the TOEFL classes (armazizyan@gmail.com).


Ijevan is also part of this initiative. If you live in Ijevan and want to know more about TOEFL, contact your SA, Lilit Gizhlaryan (lilitgizhlaryan@yahoo.com).


Read more on Student Ambassador Program (SAP) here:http://www.americancouncils.am/educationusa-advising-center-projects/


PFP Program Through My Eyes


“It was an incredible experience for me which would bring to advancement of my professionalism.”


PFP 2014 alumnus Gegham Gevorgyan shares his program experience and impressions. Read the full story.

FLEX and Muskie programs helped Arsen and Lilit to work in the NGO sector.


2003 FLEX alumna Arsen Simonyan and his sister 2007 Muskie alumna Lilit Simonyan have conducted the work of Stepanavan Youth Center (SYC) for many years. Since the establishment of the organization they have had many achievements and implemented various interesting programs. Arsen’s and Lilit’s exchange experience played a vital role in this regard.

Particularly Lilit states: “Our exchange experiences through Muskie and FLEX programs shifted our approach in youth work – we could see the local issues from a larger perspective and this had its direct influence in SYC programming. Our approach changed to focusing on developing capacities and competences of Armenian youth through exchange and international experiences and creating possibilities for them to employ and transfer gained experience locally.

During the last 10 years through its European programs SYC has opened doors to several hundreds of young Armenians to interact with their peers Europe-wide, develop new competences, exchange information and skills, get possibilities to volunteer abroad, experience non-formal learning, and engage in meaningful projects and activities. The importance of such programs for Armenian youth needs to be stressed, considering the limited number of projects available to them.”

Since 2008 SYC runs its flagship annual program GLOW Girls Leadership and Empowerment Program to provide opportunities to hundreds of teenage girls from all regions of Armenia to connect with peers, increase self-esteem, learn new skills and get necessary tools to be successful in their lives.  In 7 years, GLOW has recorded extraordinary results in creating a network of knowledgeable, committed and courageous young women actively contributing to development of their communities.

The impact of USG exchange programs echoes through SYC activities that continue to open new opportunities for young Armenians.

CCC Students at “EducationUSA University” Camp

For the last week in June, ten EducationUSA EducatinUSA Competitive College Club took a bus out to beautiful Vanadzor for the EducationUSA University Camp pilot program. While residing at the Vanadzor Sanatorium, the students participated in four intensive courses, all in English, and in the afternoons attended various presentations and skills development workshops designed to prepare them for college life in the U.S.


The EducationUSA University Camp is designed to give students a realistic experience of the American university lifestyle. The morning classes were in subject areas relevant to studying in the U.S., including English Composition, Public Speaking, U.S. Government, and Computer Skills, taught by seasoned Peace Corps volunteers. These courses help equip students with the background knowledge they need to succeed at an American university.


English Composition was the first class of the day, instructed by Peace Corps Volunteer Pamela Watson. Students were taught the basics of essay writing in English, and were given plenty of practice and feedback for their work, helping them improve their writing skills tremendously over a short time. Similarly, in the Public Speaking class, taught by Peace Corps volunteer Meewa Mull, participants overcame their fear of public speaking by answering candid questions asked by their peers and giving short speeches in front of the class. The U.S. Government class, taught by Peace Corps volunteer Adam Housh, strengthened students’ knowledge of the three branches of the American government, as they explored in depth of the legislative and judicial systems in place as well as historical landmarks in American politics.


In the Computer Skills class, students were introduced to new websites and programs that are often used by college students in the United States, Microsoft SkyDrive being the most popular among the high schoolers. They were then instructed on the principles of effective presentation-making skills, and were assigned to partner up and research and present on a US college or university of their choice. The end results were quite impressive as the partners creatively integrated information and images throughout their presentations and maintained a professional demeanor when delivering their piece.


Students had the opportunity to spend time with American college graduates and USG program Alumni and gain an inside view of American college life. Especially with EducationUSA intern Megan Levonian’s presentation, entitled “How to Survive Your Freshman Year,” students were given a preview of what to expect for their first year studying at a U.S. university, not just for academic success but also for their psychological and emotional well-being, as the freshman year of college is a huge transitional period for all students, no matter where they study.

The CCC students also participated in workshops geared toward developing more technical skills such as creating a CV and successful interview tips.

Welcoming Home FLEX Alumni 2014


Every year in May and June FLEX program participants return to their home countries.  Accordingly, “Welcome Home” Re-entry Seminars are organized for them in the whole Eurasia, which are one of their first big events and the starting point of their amazing alumni life.  The purpose of these seminars is to welcome the students home, give them the opportunity to analyze their development during their year abroad and introduce them to the alumni community.

In Armenia the re-entry seminar took place on June 20 at the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan. It brought together all 2014 alumni to discuss various issues related to their return to Armenia. Alumni of 2014 were also visited by U.S. Ambassador John Heffern. Different sessions were held on the challenges that FLEX program participants faced in the United States and the changes that occurred, when they came back to Armenia.

Besides, the participants of the re-entry seminar were introduced to the alumni community and its various projects. We were happy to see their enthusiasm and preparedness regarding organizing and participating in alumni activities. For instance, the day after the re-entry seminar almost all of the new alumni took part in a big social and volunteering event in Geghard, where they helped the local eco club to clean the area near the Geghard Monastery. The next day they participated in a sports and social event at the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan, where they met not only senior FLEXers but also alumni of other US Government programs.

This was a promising start for the FLEX alumni of 2014. We are strongly convinced that they will be socially active in future too.