CCC Student Receives a Gold Medal



This is a true story about Stella Stepanyan who was  a Competitive College Club student for 2013-2014.

Recently she has received a gold medal from the President of RA  for Academic Excellence. We all understand that this is not by chance: she has been rewarded for the ten-year hard work she did at school, storing a valuable experience for her present-day and future success.  She highlights the importance of loving and being passionate about things people do and always go ahead and never bow in front of challenges but find ways to overcome them.

Having received rewards for the work done, she states that what mattered her was the knowledge she gained not the prizes. And to the question how she managed to keep her grades high, she has a simple and practically proved answer: “Just study for your interest, not because you are ought to and the rest will come naturally.”


FLEX Program is announced!


Are you ready to live in the US and study in a US high school? Then FLEX is just for you!

We are already starting Round 1 exams for the FLEX program. The exams will take place in all the Regions of Armenia.


  • September 19, 09:00, Talin, Talin High School, Gorki str 13
  • September 19, 12:00, Hrazdan, School No. 13, Kentron
  • September 23, 09:00, Vanadzor, School No. 2, Heratsi str 17
  • September 24 09:00 Ijevan, School No. 4 (Galik College), Nalbandyan str 1
  • September 25, 09:00, Gyumri, School No. 20, Thatcher str 1
  • September 29, 09:30, Martuni, School No. 1, Komitas str 25
  • September 30, 09:30, Yeghegnadzor, Youth Center in Cultural House, Momiki str 1
  • September 30, 14:00, Sisian, School No. 3, Myasnikyan str
  • October 1, 09:00, Goris, Branch of National Institute of Education, Gusan Ashoti str 32
  • October 2, 09:00, Kapan, School No. 2, Melik Stepanyan str 5
  • October 5, 09:30, Yerevan, Brusov State University of Languages and Social Studies
  • October 6, 10:00 Disabled Testing, Yerevan, American Councils, Amiryan 4/7

I was able to make Armenia my home for a short two months


This summer American Councils Armenia office again hosted two internship program students from the US. Dana Raber an Environment Studies bachelor program graduate from Lehigh University travelled to Armenia and spent her eight-week internship program at the Boghossian Gardens Foundation.

“The internship with Boghossian Gardens provided a unique opportunity to live and work in a foreign country and be an active community member instead of just a tourist. Having an international intern like myself gave the organization the opportunity to work on projects that they have always wanted to accomplish, but did not have time or people to do so. I was given the freedom to make decisions about how I was going to carry out the project which really tested my ability to think outside the box to figure out how to use my time efficiently and leave the organization with valuable information. The interaction between employees, my host family and the people I met volunteering was the most valuable from the whole experience. American Councils was more then helpful ensuring I was gaining valuable experience while I was here. With their help, I was connected to various groups and opportunities that I would not have otherwise known about. I was able to volunteer at a camp for young students teaching English and also library as a discussion leader where Armenians attended to practice their English skills. Both experiences gave me the opportunity to discuss important issues with people from various backgrounds with different perspectives. This allowed me to gain a greater understanding of Armenian culture and values while also giving me valuable insight about my own country. Overall, I felt I was always being looked after and was able to make Armenia my home for a short two months, but I always know I have a family to come back to visit.”

CCC Student at TEDxKids@Yerevan 2014


Everyone may have successes and failures in life. Grigor believes that in order to fulfill aims, one should get over many failures, and the point is that everyone has different approaches to the particular issue: some people may give up and blame everyone else; other people may overcome the difficulties and go on struggling.


Grigor states that the best way to get over the failures is to learn from personal mistake. While pointing out the success stories of prominent people Grigor mentions that it’s also important how people see and accept the outside world-“Is the glass half empty, half full, or partially filled with water”.


At the end of the speech, he tells about his personal failures showing what he learnt from those and trying to address the good points of those to the audience.


Watch his full speech here:


PFP Program Through My Eyes


“It was an incredible experience for me which would bring to advancement of my professionalism.”


PFP 2014 alumnus Gegham Gevorgyan shares his program experience and impressions. Read the full story.